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Custom improvement and bug fixing policy

if you found a bug please create an issue here https://github.com/swaponline/MultiCurrencyWallet/issues/new/choose we will fix it ASAP for free. All other job we do with hourly based payment 20$

If you have any idea how to improove the app please follow this instruction:

  1. Contact manager https://t.me/sashanoxon and describe your issue.
  2. The manager gives you an estimate in hours (for example “this issue will take 2-6 developer hours”. Please note this is not “when issue will be ready”, because we have many issues in the queue permanently.
  3. you pay 40$ for the first 2 hours. Payment form: https://www.paypal.me/noxon
  4. you create an issue in https://github.com/swaponline/MultiCurrencyWallet/issues/new/choose
  5. Developer starts to work, after spent 2 hours he confirms the estimate (“this issue will take 3-4 hours in total”). If a new estimate larger than the manager said, you confirm a new estimate.
  6. When the issue is done you check it and close the issue, then pay the final price. You must check all before closing the issue, and write to your GitHub issue if the functionality isn’t ready (with details and screenshots). Don’t trust a developer who said that it’s ready 🙂

https://github.com/swaponline/MultiCurrencyWallet/issues/2982 3 hours.

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